The Fall and Rise Of Breast Implants

The quest for a fuller bustline has seen its ups and downs. We have come a long way from free silicone injected directly into the breasts, to the current 6thgeneration silicone breast implants. Before implants were introduced in the 60s, free silicone gel injections led to lumpiness and […]

Cosmetic Surgery For Bigger Eyes

A common request at cosmetic clinics is for bigger, brighter eyes. The common correctable causes for small eyes include ptosis, epicanthal fold and hooding. We speak to plastic surgeons to learn more about eye-opening surgeries and what to expect. Read More: What Kind of Story Are You Telling […]

The Cheeky Solution To Eyebags

Eyebags will haunt us at some point in lives. Why do some people get them earlier or have it worse? Our facial structure may be responsible for this. In particular, a flat cheekbone. If you are born with flatter (also known as retruded) cheekbones, you are more prone […]

Tummy Tuck or Liposuction?

The tummy is often an area of concern when it comes to slimming. You have tried all the diet and exercising, and lost weight everywhere else, but the flab in your tummy just doesn’t seem to budge. Thing is, the paunch that sticks out may or may not […]

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Four Steps To Beautiful Lips

We all want beautiful lips. Lips are the most sensual part of the face and lip aesthetic treatments are always on trend. Here are some tips how to perfect your pout. Read More:Clear Skin Is Making a Comeback with These Smart Fixes   Smooth ‘Em Regular exfoliation will […]