How To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat

Most women of average weight and above will have some amount of armpit fat. Those who have them will attest for how annoying it feels, when their armpit fat bulges out of an otherwise perfectly fitted dress. Often, these are not only composed of fat but are actually […]

Motiva implant surface

What Is The Perfect Breast Implant?

Which attributes make up the ideal breast implant? We ask Dr Chia Hui Ling, a top female plastic surgeon specializing in breast enhancement surgeries, how she would describe the perfect breast implant? “In truth, there is no ideal implant out there,” explains Dr Chia, “but we are getting […]

Be A Real Vain In The Neck​

Don’t neglect your neck and let it reveal your true age. Follow these specialist-approved tips to keep your neck youthful.   Read More: 5 Tricks You Never Knew Could Combat Oily Skin!   Energize Your Neck Skin Thin neck skin is prone to creasing and sagging. Non-invasive tightening procedures […]