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Carla Walsh

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Four Steps To Beautiful Lips

We all want beautiful lips. Lips are the most sensual part of the face and lip aesthetic treatments are always on trend. Here are some tips how to perfect your pout. Read More:Clear Skin Is Making a Comeback with These Smart Fixes   Smooth ‘Em Regular exfoliation will […]

scar revision

Best Ways To Improve Scars

Scars are permanent. When a scar forms to bridge a wound, the repair work lays down collagen in a haphazard manner. This give a scarred appearance, rather than normal skin, where collagen is organised in an orderly fashion.  Only deep wounds from severe acne, deep cut or surgery […]

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Happy New EAR

A perfect pair of ears may not turn heads like a beautiful face, but ear differences such as prominent ears or lop ears can be distracting features. In fact, studies have shown that children with ear deformities fare poorer psychosocially. Children may run the risk of being victims […]

Are Motiva Implants A Better Choice?

Motiva implants are the latest addition to the range of breast implants available today. The innovative features and technology that is built into each Motiva implant is the reason for its soaring popularity, both with plastic surgeons and patients. We ask Dr Chia Hui Ling, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, from SW1 Plastic […]