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Battling Pregnancy Beauty Woes

Children are a blessing and bring joy to our lives.  But pregnancy can hit the body hard and can take a toll on a mummy’s physique and appearance.  Hormonal imbalances and the stretching caused by your growing body and baby (or babies) are the usual suspects. In this […]

Is Fat the New Beauty Weapon?

Fat is no longer an unattractive word.  Those in tuned with current cosmetic surgery trends would have heard of microfat grafting and nanofat grafting.  The discovery that fat tissue contains high levels of growth factors and stem cells (known as adipose-derived stem cells) has led to the surge […]

Aging Cleverly With PDRN

We’ve heard of anti-aging treatments that work – non-invasive skin lifting treatments, fillers and wrinkle-erasing lasers. Recently, a skin healing treatment has gained a lot of traction with anti-aging enthusiasts and everyone just can’t get enough of it.   PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotide) – Rejuran Healer PDRN, or Rejuran Healer, […]