Top 4 Treatment Options For A More Defined Chin

Injectable Fillers Or Fat Transfer

Chin fillers are best for minor chin augmentations. Radiesse and Voluma are thick fillers, making them ideal for the chin area. For long-lasting results, Dream Sculpture  injection uses Sculptra to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen. Another increasingly popular minimally-invasive option for long-term results is fat transfer.

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Lipodissolve is a treatment that destroys fat cells under the chin. Lipodissolve involves a series of injections to treat moderate to severe fat. The injections contain a naturally occurring substance in the body, deoxycholic acid, to help absorb fat cells. Most people need two to four treatments spaced four to six weeks apart for best results.

Kybella treatment for double chin

Lipodissolve Treatment

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Chin Augmentation

A chin implant is a type of chin surgery that strengthens the jawline and reduces the appearance of a weak chin. The implant is placed through a small incision under the chin or through the mouth. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. Your chin may look uneven until swelling resolves, and it typically takes two to three months to see final results.

Chin implant

Before and after chin augmentation

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Profound RF

Profound RF uses microneedling radiofrequency technology to destroy fat cells below the surface of the skin non-surgically. Typically, the treatment is done under local anaesthesia or light sedation. Profound RF gives a more scultped jawline because it both removes fat and tightens under chin skin.

Profound lift review

Results after Profound lift

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