Month: February 2018

What Supermodels Do Every Morning

You could not be more wrong if you thought supermodels are having it easy cruising through life with their looks. Under the high-pressure environment of being constantly under the spotlight and pitted against others, it’s awfully tough to stay as stunning without daily upkeep (how else do they […]

Time To Toss These Beauty Products

It’s easy to tell when foods like milk and veggies go bad but what about that favourite lipstick of yours that you have held dear since…you can’t remember when? Or that hair serum that’s been sitting on your shelf for the longest time? Using expired beauty products is […]

Get Everyday Clear Skin in 7 Steps

Being a student comes with “perks” like having breakouts from stress unless you’re blessed with good genes. You think? I’m sure having flawless and supple skin is some parts hereditary, but adopting healthy habits (not smoking and staying up too late) coupled with having a holistic skincare routine […]