5 Tips to Survive a Laser Experience

In my previous post, My Skin Renewal Laser Experience, I shared about what goes on behind the scenes of getting a laser treatment and the before and after in complexion. This article, I combine TOP tips sourced from both research and advice by skin doctors on how to survive any facial laser experience.

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Tips to Survive a Laser Experience

A reassuring and skilled doctor is your best bet to undergo any aesthetic treatments with. Imagine it’s your first laser experience, as was in my case, wouldn’t you rather a confident yet gentle doctor who actually listens to your problems before suggesting recommendations accordingly than one who scares you, rattles on about additional procedures and ultimately pressurises you into signing a package?

An experienced doctor will also ease you into the laser treatment process so instead of getting rude shocks at the beginning of and during the procedure, the entire process is as comfortable as can be.

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Lasers are not immune to causing some side effects like hyperpigmentation. Thus, go for the gold-standard lasers and not be penny wise, pound foolish lest you end up in unbearable pain and an example of botched beauty treatments.

“A superficial ablative laser like BB Aquatouch utilises the 1927nm Thulium laser for a new wavelength, which is faster and more adept, translating to a pain-free and safe experience even for patients with sensitive skin,” explained Dr Low Chai Ling, Founder of SW1 Clinic.

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Tips to Survive a Laser Experience

Effective laser treatments like Fraxel and SmartX, which promise to rejuvenate skin, have a downtime of about 2-3 days of skin redness, followed by mild skin flaking lasting 3-4 days. Thus, schedule treatments on a Saturday or better yet, on a Friday after work, so you don’t announce to the entire office you’ve had a laser treatment done. SW1 Clinic opens until 8pm on Fridays, so like me, you could drop by after work. Alternatively, opt for LED Red Light Therapy to speed up the healing process.

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When the pre-treatment is done right, a laser treatment can be virtually painless. Here, there’s no need to be shy about your absurdly low level of pain tolerance and inform the doctor or nurse about it. Wait another 5 to 10 minutes longer for more intense numbing effect. You’ll really thank yourself afterwards.

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SW1 Aloe Cucumber Rebalancing Facial Toner

After a laser treatment, your skin is at its most vulnerable. Mask for calming and hydration as laser causes the skin to heat up. Spritz on SW1 Aloe Cucumber Rebalancing Facial Toner to refresh and soothe skin. What’s more? It’s amped up with beneficial antioxidants and botanicals derived from aloe vera and cucumber to purify and protect you from environmental assaults. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen (high SPF please!) generously too!

~ Mandy

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